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Martha's House of Hope offers a variety of programs and services to serve the physical, spiritual, financial and emotional needs of our expecting mothers.

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In addition to providing a safe environment for both mother and child, Martha's House of Hope assists residents with acquiring basic needs both before and after pregnancy. Mothers will be assisted with scheduling both pre and postpartum medical care. Support for newborn nutrition will be provided, as well as access to a lactation consultant.


Sometimes expecting a child can be overwhelming, especially if a mother is not getting the support or help she needs from family. Expecting mothers will be matched with a Mentor Mom to provide guidance and support on their journeys to motherhood.

Car Keys


Thanks to various donors and supporters of Martha's House of Hope, we are pleased to offer transportation services to our residents. These will be determined on a case by case basis, varying due to differing needs of each expecting and new mother

School Application


Expecting mothers who wish to obtain their GED or higher degree will receive assistance in both registration and curriculum tutoring. Mothers who wish to enter the workplace will have access to interview coaching and support during the employment application process.


Here at Martha's House of Hope, it is our mission to bring the love of Christ and the joy of experiencing that love to all women who come here. Our mothers will attend weekly church services, as well as participate in bible study groups focused on this unique time in the lives of our mothers.

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Life after delivery can present many new challenges. Our goal is to help our mothers to thrive in the world after birth as well as beyond their lives at Martha's House of Hope. Through access to educational programs and support groups, we allow our residents the greatest chance at success.

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At Martha's we aim to develop the whole self of our residents. In addition to spiritual development courses, our mothers will have access to parenting skills classes in order to help them to provide the best care to their babies after delivery. To promote future self sufficiency, we also provide programs in financial literacy and life skills.


Navigating through the adoption process can often be stressful and confusing. At Martha's House of Hope we fully support our expecting mothers who choose this special path for their babies. Mothers who pursue adoption will have access to resources and educational materials to help guide them on this journey.

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