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Exciting news, everyone! Our Executive Director is about to welcome a new addition to her family next week! Due to our executive director being out on maternity leave and limited staffing during this time, maternal goods donations (like baby diapers, baby clothes, etc.) will be on hold from June 11th until July 15th. Suppose anyone has a donation they would like to donate, they can wait until the Executive Director returns, or we highly recommend donating to Overflow Thrift Store in Ames. Please continue sending donation requests to; Tara will fulfill those requests when she returns to the office.


  • Paper Towels

  • Dish Soap

  • Toilet Paper

  • 5x7 Plain White Envelopes

  • ​Casey's Gift Cards (for gasoline)

  • Store gift cards including Wal-Mart, Target, Hy-Vee, Fareway, Overflow Thrift Store, Duck Worth Wearing & Amazon

We currently have a good supply of many baby items, items for our pregnant women and moms and maternity clothes. Please look at the items you are donating as we can only accept items in good to great condition, those not on a recall list, and not expired. If you have questions or something else to donate please contact Tara at

We thank you for any and all donations as it makes a difference in the lives of our residents!


Ascension Lutheran Church generously fulfills our Amazon wish list - making a difference in our community

- Total items purchased: 35
- Total cost covered: $1,404.79
- Number of families impacted: 7 & counting
- Number of children served: 13 & counting

"I can't believe how much Ascension Lutheran Church has helped us out. Their donation has made a huge difference in our ability to support pregnant women in need. Thank you to Ascension Lutheran Church for your generosity." - Tara Brown, Executive Director

"Ascension Lutheran Church is an amazing church to be a part of!" - Current Resident and Ascension Lutheran Church member

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